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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve away from home

It's beginning to look a lot like something that I haven't felt the urge to say lately. Kind of a bitter beginning I expect but I think both Candace and I are feeling rather homesick today. It's funny...because the last two Christmases we actually chose to take warm-weather vacations. Given that fact, it might therefore seem a tad hypocritical for us to lament being away again. The difference is quite clear to us however. Part of the reason we chose to travel the previous holidays was because each time we had expected to make the trip we are currently on. When the adoption plans had not worked out the way we had hoped we decided to take our minds off things with trips. This time we so desperately want to be home and we feel like we are kind of stuck in some far away place that Christmas forgot. Now I know the actual Christmas day over here is on January 7th...but for the last 37 years of my life December 25th was pretty significant. Even our last two years the places that we visited catered to North American tourists and we spent Christmas Eve toasting the holidays with other Canadians. Tonight, we enjoyed pork cutlets and potatoes listening to technopop and some selections from Cher and Madonna in the hotel restaurant. We had planned on toasting the holidays but when I asked our waiter to bring us two light beer he returned with another Greek salad for Candace. The other English speaking couple (from Minnesota) went straight home this evening because the wife is suffering from gastrointestinal distress cause by some unknown food product. Prior to their departure, we spent the last few minutes of our visit talking about what we missed the most about back home. That is probably why I am in such glum holiday spirits.
Despite our distant location and unusual circumstances, I do feel more fortunate this Christmas than ever before. While I would much rather be sitting at Candace's grandmother's house with her family than in this internet cafe, I know that our visit here has already reaped rewards. Christmas is about family...and you don't have to be actually with your entire family to appreciate them. So to all our family and friends...we are thinking about you and hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. I am grateful that I am here with Candace and we both realize that we have already received the best present we could have ever imagined. So while Santa may not find us tonight, I know that at 9:00 am tomorrow morning we will see Alexandra again...and that beats opening any other gift that we could find under a tree. Again, to everyone back home, Merry Christmas. While we wish we could be with you we are really glad we are here.


Rich and Lisa Weatherby said...

Candace and Stephen,

I know times seem tough right now but my husband and I went through exactly what you are going through right now last year for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years. We were in our child's city during Christmas and missed our boys and families back home terribly.

Just know that you are not alone, and when you get home you will realize that it is all worth it. Enjoy your Christmas present unwrapped tomorrow with your new daughter.

Our journey is if you are interested.

Good luck to you and we will continue to follow your journey and pray for your quick adoption.

Lisa and Rich

Anonymous said...

hi stephen & candace & alexandria
merry chistmas all the best in 2007 it wont be long before you will all be home.

love & prayers
mom & nana

Raymond said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to U , Candace and Alexandra !!! We're all sitting around here at Michelles' and thinking about ya'll !! Wait 'till your little "Sasha" trys out a banana split, she'll be just in heaven. A Russian friend said Alexandra tranlates to Sasha .... that true ?? Love ya from Raymond, Sasha, Britni, Michelle and Mathew. XOXOXO

Rob, trish, Michael & Christian said...

Stephen, Candace & Alexandra,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You will look back on this Christmas in the years to come, remembering the joy it brought in starting your family.

Have a great day with Alexandra tomorrow.

Rob, Trish, Michael & Christian.


Here is a poem I found for Alexandra.

A Very Special Child

A very special child is a child that has been adopted.
You see someone takes the time to adopt a child.
It doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl.
What matters is if you love the people that are going to adopt you.
And the people that are going to adopt you love you just as much.
You see it takes a very special person.
To adopt a very special child.
And because you're adopted
That's what makes you a very special child.

James D. Keigley

Karla said...

Merry Christmas Davids!!!!

Thinking of you, and sharing your joy through the miles!


The Elcocks

mom & dad said...

Merry xmas to you. Wish you were here to celebrate with us, but we know that after you get home you three will celebrate together to make up for it and it will have a whole new meaning for you. We are counting down the days, take care and God bless.Love mom & dad, papa& nana

Anonymous said...

hi mommy & daddy;

you are now probaly visiting with your beautiful daughter. sure wish i was there just to see you three together .i love her already she,ll be nanny, smoc-a-roonies. she is ablessed child of GOD imagene her waing all this time for really great parents to arrive i am so proud of you both and love you so much. congratulations &best wishes on this wonderfull christmas day & give alexandria a kiss on the forehead & tell her it,s from her nanny & she has a whole lot of family just waiting for her to come home to canada.

love nanny david ;

The Bryce's said...

Merry Christmas to the "Davids Three"! We hope that your day together is as special as can be, and that your hearts are warmed by love, peace, and joy today.

Anonymous said...

We are here this morning and thinking of you three. We are sending blessing from our home to yours. Even though we are miles apart our wishes are with you. Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. On Dec 27th we will be driving to see Darcy's birth mother and father. We will certainly be thinking of you all on that special/nervous day.