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Monday, December 18, 2006

No pictures...but lots of memories

Well...I have been taking all kinds of pictures and videos with our new Sony Handycam. I can't wait to show you them all...when we get home. Yes...unfortunately, I will not be able to post any until I get back. I took what I thought were all of the accessories thinking that everything would plug directly into the camera. Would you believe the only thing that does not is the USB cable for linking to a computer. The thing I left back home was the dockingf station that includes the USB port. I can't believe my oversight. We just picked up the camera prior to departing and I thought I read the instruction manual thoroughly. My new plan is to befriend someone with a camera to email me a picture. Take my word for it...Alexandra is a beauty.
Candace has been on a mission to fatten her up giving her all kinds of food. She just reminded herself that Alexandra only has a small belly. The little one is really learning to communicate, especially when it is to tell us that she does not like a particular food or drink that we are trying with her. Candace says she is fussy like her father (that's me remember). Oh well, she can have whatever she wants.
Things are going really well for us. We arew getting lots of rest at night and our days consist of waking up, visiting, eating, sleeping for an hour, visiting again, eating, coming to the internet, then going to bed around 8:30 -9:00 pm. One of the facilitators came to town today to visit with the lawyer. We are now meeting with the local inspector on Wednesday where we will receive our court date. Our facilitator assures us that it will be next week. It cannot come soon enough.
Today we had a wonderful lunch at a fancy restaurant called DaVinci. We had tea, a side dish, and a surprise double order of steak each (my English and hand language lose something in translation I guess). Total cost $15.50 for everything. I cannot get over how low the cost of living is over here. We also met another American couple from Arkansas who were very nice.
Alexandra was fantastic today...she was singing and swinging and playing and sharing and hugging and cuddling and laughing. It probably is difficult for some people to imagine the type of connection that the three of us have already...although I bet anyone with children can understand. Despite just meeting her for the first time of Thursday we are totally smitten. I think it is worth noting that Candace and I started this process back in November 2004 so we have spent a lot of time preparing to meet her. My new favourite pastime is telling Alexandra that I love her...and I do it in Russian as well just in case she doesn't understand me. I say "Ja lyoo bloo teenya Alexandra".


Beccy said...

Hello David Family!
It is funny that Alexandra is fussy like you, Stephen. Who would have imagined that! She sounds absolutely fantastic and I know the SCS family is so excited to meet her. Erin would also like you to know that Yul won Survivor. Looking forward to your return back to Strathclair.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I haven't replied sooner, but I have been checking the blog everyday (isn't technology great?). Everything sounds wonderful and reminds me of when both of my girls were born. You guys will make great parents. (For a business question- check your hotmail account)

Rob, trish, Michael & Christian said...

Hi Guys,

Sounds like Alexandra is really enjoying the time with Mom and Dad each day. Great to hear things are progressing smoothly. Before you know it the three of you will be enjoying life at home in Manitoba.

Take Care

Rob, trish, Michael & Christian said...

Stephen & Candace,

Send some pics of Christian's X-Mas Concert (13 Dec 06). Sent to your home e-mail.

K Morris said...

Candace, Stephan,& Alexandra.......

It's been a wonderful experience to be able to read your daily blogs. Your schedule has seemed to be of the whirlwind variety up till now.

So great to hear that the process has gone smoothly for you and I'm sure it will continue to do so for the three of you. Your little daughter sounds absolutley brilliant and beautiful.

Congratulations to you all.

Regards KM

PS.Yeh I concur the toilet paper is a tad rough there. Where's the Charmin?

Sandy Masniuk said...

Hello Davids!

Glad to hear things are still going great and you're loving every minute of it! You've waited and wished for so long -- you deserve every happiness! I can just imagine Alexandra looking at her new little self in the mirror. Too cute! We're looking forward to seeing all three of you on your return home!

mom&dad said...

Hi,hopefully things keep going as well as they are and you three will be home soon. Stephen you do so well in describing Alexandra that we can almost picture her in our minds. Everyone in Winnipegosis knows about Alexandra and is very happy for you. Take care. Love mom&dad, papa&nana.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been away for a couple of days and during that time you have had such a remarkable time with your daughter. I can picture her dancing and singing, hugging and playing...there is nothing else like it in the joy. Three is such a special age. Thanks again for doing such a great job of the blog so we feel apart of your experience.
Give Alexandra a big hug from Canada!