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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Nail polish and the guy from Ghana

Let me start by wishing my brother Robert in Pembroke, Ontario a happy birthday today. Thanks to Rob and family for all of the supportive well as for the updates on the World Juniors. There is a game on right now that I wish I could watch...Sweden vs the Czech Republic. I tried to get the broadband feed from TSN but all I got was a message that said "It appears to you are connecting from outside of Canada. This live event is limited to residents of Canada only". I feel like writing a letter to TSN telling them that "Hey, I am still a resident of Canada!".
We came downstairs this morning and had tea in the lounge before coming into the internet cafe to check our blog. We haven't had internet access for a couple of days because of the holiday so we were anxious to see what comments there were. It was a really nice way to start our day. Its funny...being so far away from home it is little things such as the internet that help you feel connected. When that connection is gone you feel somewhat lost.
I mentioned that there are only really three couples still here. All three of us get our official decrees on January 9th. We fly out on Janaury 12th as do the Americans while the Spanish couple does not leave until January 17th. One or two of the other families were done before the holidays while the remaining couples returned home for a bit and will come back for their children. I can't imagine how tough that must be.
Our visits today were alot of fun. Candace has Alexandra not only doing the tea party thing, but now she has to wash the dishes when they are finished. She washes while Mommy dries. This evening was another step towards her becoming a total girly-girl. Candace brought nail polish. Just after we got there, an American lady from Arkansas dropped in to visit. She has been gone back home for a bit but returned with her mom yesterday to pick up her little one tomorrow. As I was talking to them, Alexandra first came over to show me her finger nails. I told her they looked really nice and she headed back over with Candace. About five minutes later she came back to show me her toe nails and I had to fawn over them for a bit. It was tough to get her to put her socks back on a little while later. Fortunately, she isn't at the stage yet where she wants to paint Daddy's nails. Once she gets there, I will have to do what every other father of a girl does. That will be the day I leave the orphanage with red finger nails.
We had lunch with the American couple and their translator. After that we all went to the local grocery store. As I was going through the till, I tried to ask the cashier to give me 20 five cent coins for a $1.00 note. She had no clue what I was saying and I even tried to write it out for her. Then a voice asked "Do you need some help?". It was a gentleman from Ghana who works here as a pastor. He translated for me and even provided me with the change himself when the cashier was unable to. The first person I ever met from Ghana and I did it while I was in Ukraine.
Candace and I are pretty excited about tomorrow. The American couple recently moved to a new apartment and they discovered a giant flea market down the street. They said it is the size of about five Walmarts. They spent 2.5 hours there and they said they didn't even get through it. We are all going after our morning visit tomorrow. While there I am going to make sure to pick up some nail polish remover...for both Alexandra and myself.


Rob, trish, Michael & Christian said...

Stephen & Candace,

Alexandra is a beautiful little girl. Thanks for putting a pic on the site. You will no doubt receive the most comments on todays blog. Did you have to borrow a camera with a USB connection?

Stephen - Sweden is leading the Czechs 4-1 in the third. The USA and Finn's are tied 3-3 in the third. Hopefully the Finn's win. I will let you know tomorrow.

Take Care

Paula Kolida said...

Happy New Year! I'm happy to be back at work where i have a computer and can catch up on the last week. I was very happy to see the picture this afternoon. Alex is a little cutie and i'm sure is loving all the girly stuff. Stephen just wait till she wants to put make-up on you!!!

My parents fly out Jan 13 for their winter holiday and i've told them to keep an eye open for you. I'm not sure of thier flight time.

Happy to hear everything is going so good for the three of you and you'll be home soon.

Hugs & Kisses for the little one!!

Paula Kolida

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Candace and Stephen and Alex! Alex is so super cute- she is exactly as you described. Her eyes are amazing. Can't wait to hug her:)
Love Camille and Anthony

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on becoming mommy and daddy! I wish you a safe flight back and all the best to your new family for the New Year! What a way to start it off!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Alexandra is a butiful girl!! she is so cute!!! Happy New Years

Anonymous said...

At last we know what our new grand girl looks like. She is a beauty, the nail polish is an added touch, that will be a daily task. Hurry home. Love papa & nana


The Bryce's said...

She's a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Alex uncle Stephen and auntie candace! Wishing you good luck in... 2007! Hoping you'er having fun in the Ukraine!
Love from your favorite neice and Alex's cousin Kelci.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen &CAndace;

OH my what a Beautiful, Gorgesous, Precious Daughter &Grandaughter We have.You are so blessed , GOD love her. Blond hair like Mommy & Brown David eyes like Her Daddy. Thank the couple for all of us here for being so kind to take her picture. Sounds like you Three are having a great time. GOD BLESS & have a safe journey HOME .

Love & Prayers
Mom & Nana

Dyson, Lisa & Luka Solomon said...

Hi Candace, Stephen & Alexandra,

Happy New Year - what a wonderful start to 2007. We look forward to reading your blog every evening...and tonight was such a great surprise. The picture of your daughter is amazing - she is so beautiful! Congratulations, have a safe trip home!

Dyson, Lisa & Luka Solomon

Elcocks said...

Oh...she's gorgeous!!! We're thrilled for both of you. Congratulations. If it's alright with you, Kennedy has decided that she'd like to be the first to give a pass-down toy to Alex. We've been thinking about who we're going to give the Fisher Price kitchen to, and Voila! Alexandra is the one. It seems so fitting, since you both were here on the birthday that Kennedy got it. Remember how much fun we had with the box that it came in? So, unless she has one already, this one is in mint condition, and we'd love to pass it on to the Davids.
Can't wait for you to have your first lazy sleep in day.
The Elcocks

The Kretai's said...

What a cutie! It is wonderful to finally see this beautiful little girl who has joined your family.

Perry, Darlene and the girls

Linda D. said...

Hi to the David's I have been following your blog nightly. I was a little upset there for a couple of days when you were "off the air". You're back now and with a good surprize. It was really nice to see the picture of your new baby(no-little girl). I can hardly wait for her and Austin to have a visit. She looks bigger than him so I might have to toughin' him up first. I'm sure you are getting anxious about coming home. We are all waiting patiently to meet Alex in person and give her a great big Strathclair welcome.
Have a safe trip home.
See you then. Linda D.

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful and what a sweetie...Congrats, we are so happy for you

the Fortunes

Dennis said...

When you said you had forgotten the cord to download pictures from your camera (so like you Stephen to arrive in a foreign country unprepared!) I was glad, thinking it would be nice to see and meet Alexandra at the same time. Seeing her picture today changed all that! It was great to see her picture and easy to see why you both fell head over heels for her! Not many days left till you head for home now!

Anonymous said...

Everything is coming together and you will be home soon. Can't wait for your arrival home. Your daughter is beautiful. We cannot wait to hug her and to play with her.

Scott Tina and Nathan

Ashley said...

Hey... the wait is over to see what she looks like, shes so adorable and now jsut cant wait to see her in person. Happy New Years!! Mom has been looking at the post each day and is excited for you... i dont think she knows how to post a comment unless shes posted after ive read them all. so i decided i'd add one for her lol.

Anonymous said...

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