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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Russian cats and costume jewelry

Some guy in the next building has had trouble starting his car. Yesterday morning he tried from 6:05 - 8:00 am and today he went from 5:15 to 7:40 am. I was tempted to run down and offer to pay for a cab. Given the early wake-up, I decided to go downstairs around 5:30 am and check the blog. I was excited to see the postings following the uploading of Alexandra's picture. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. And I told you she was beautiful. I look forward to sharing the blog and its comments with her when she gets a bit older. Our plan is to print everything off with some added pictures and make a book as a keepsake. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this process.
For our morning visit, Candace brought all of our leftover food items down for the dumspter cats near the orphanage. There are cats everywhere but they all look healthy so they must be very resourceful. And they all look Russian...they are very attractive but have stern faces and they are all covered with elaborate fur coats, much like most of the women over here. Candace tried to call a few with "Kitty, Kitty" but none of them they must not understand English.
After the visit, we walked a few blocks to the Americans' neighbourhood and went to the big market that they have been telling us about. They described it as hundreds of little shops and booths in a partially enclosed area about the size of five Walmarts. That was accurate, although when we arrived only about 20% of the shops were open. I am not sure if it was the rain or if today is still a holiday. Within an hour almost all of the shops were closed. We did get to go to a really great toystore where Candace made us buy more girly toys.
So...the better part of our evening visit was spent watching Alexandra adorn herself with costume jewelry. That was after the two of us tried, to no avail, to do something about her wicked bed-head. She must have had a really good afternoon nap...dreaming about Canada no doubt. We learned that while Alexandra loves bracelets, bangles, and rings, she doesn't care much for tiaras and earrings, and she absolutely hates necklaces. The shortest-lived new toy was a pair of sunglasses. I put them on Alexandra, she grabbed them by the arm and whipped them off, snapping the arm in the process. Then she looked at them, smiled, and snapped off the other arm. I think I will wear contacts for the rest of our visits. Fortunately, the little boy being adopted by the Spanish couple was really into sunglasses without arms. Candace also tried to put on nail polish again because what she applied yesterday was gone...but Alexandra wanted no part of it. We suspect that she may have gotten heck last night when she went to her room with her nails all done up.
We went out and had a nice supper before returning back to our hotel. It actually is beautiful outside tonight...well above zero and the rain has finally stopped. Candace was really excited because her sister Camille called from Manitoba. I am really excited because the end is in sight...and it is getting closer quickly.


Chelsey said...

We were thinking that we'll have to make sure we get Alexandra some really fun stuff for her to play with... you know... play-doh, paint, markers, all that good stuff ;)

Always good to hear from you guys, looking forward to seeing you back home!


Anonymous said...

Hi-Ya Mommy ,Daddy, & Alexandria;

Everyone in Donkin , Tower Road,& GLace Bay ,send their best of wishes& congratulations to the new David Family .Enjoy the blog so much , that,s a very good idea on what you all plan to to make ;IT will be the 1st chapter in a book of life;
8 more sleep nites;

Love & Prayers
Mom & Nana

Brittany said...

Hey! Mrs. David! wow it looks like you guys are having alot of fun! and your daughter is really cute! Well i just wanted to let you know everyone misses you at school and can' t wait for you to come back.. and have fun celebrating malanka(ukrainian christmas) I will be celebrating it to!YAY! Hope to see you soon Brittany Gapka

Anonymous said...

Hi there! today me Kelci left ...Nana's house. I really miss her. My dad said thank you! Love Pernell,Jenn and Kelci.

Anonymous said...

Hello you three, we are so happy to read all the updates even if we have to read a few at a time. Everything is coming together and we can't wait to see all your smiling faces home soon. Keep well. DMCAK

Claral said...

Good words.