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Friday, November 24, 2006

Making the blog

Tonight was the night I discovered how to create a blog. I spent about 10 minutes figuring out how to set it up followed by an hour messing around with the formatting. If I had known how easy it was I would have done it sooner. You'll notice that I made some posts for earlier days...since we are now ten days into our adventure, I thought it would be appropriate to fill in some of the details up to this point. Earlier this evening, I spent some time checking out websites regarding the Ukraine. One link outlined some tips for cultural etiquette. Note to not place thumb between my first two fingers or shake hands across the threshold of a doorway. I also found some neat resources on the internet to help learn basic Ukrainian.

I was pretty excited about the blog so I went and got Candace out of bed to show her. She was excited too...but suggested I go to bed. I have decided that is probably a good idea. We are heading to Brandon tomorrow to buy all of those things that we need and we don't yet have...or those things that we have that we need more of. I can't wait to get that 220 V adaptor small adaptor and one small step closer to December 8th.

I just realized that my internal countdown has been for December 8th...the day we are flying out of Winnipeg. Probably a day of more significance would be December 12th which is when we have our appointment at the adoption centre.

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