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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shopping for the trip

Today Candace and I went to do all of the shopping required for our trip. In addition to many little things that we bought, we purchased a new digital camcorder. That's one of the rites of passages into parenthood in North America. Finally, we will have someone in our home worth videotaping 24 hours a day. We now have a chance to record someone's life, to share with family and friends ad naseum for the next couple of years...before storing the video away to pull out at a future graduation or marriage ceremony.

Looking at the weather for Kiev it is +7 Celsius the same time that it is -16 C here with a -26 C wind chill. This is kind of neat because it will be my third consecutive year taking a warm weather vacation.

It was an interesting experience shopping for the trip. I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to purchase Baby Tylenol and childrens' vitamins and cream for diaper rash. People keep telling me that it will change my life once the little one comes along. I have some news for already has.

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