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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A room for baby

Today we started preparing the room for our new addition. Essentially, all that was required was moving some furniture out and moving some other stuff in. We had always planned on using this particular room for our little one. It was just that we were reluctant to make any big changes until we had confirmation of our appointment. The best we did was to ensure any recent modifications (painting, etc) were flexible enough to be used for a guest room or a child’s room. So here we are this morning in a room that had been used for one purpose but was now to take on a new role. The significance of those small furnishing changes is striking me now as I make my blog entry. Wow...

Later in the morning, Candace and I then tried to order some things that we needed from Sears. Like the bedroom conversion, this was something else that we wanted to wait until we had confirmation. It is a bit challenging planning for things given the age range for our adoption...14 months to 3 years. (For anyone unfamiliar with adoption from the Ukraine, the youngest child you can get is 14 months old). We already have a crib (from friends) so we decided to get a bedroom set for a toddler, which she could grow into. Candace's sister gave us some stuff as well but we decided we wanted to get a new stroller, car seat, potty, change table, etc. There are some neat car seats that can convert as the child grows, from 0 - 22, 22 -40 then 40-80 lbs. Another friend sent a video regarding the importance of five-point harness systems for not just infants and small children...but for kids up to 8 - 9 years old. Anyone interested may check out the video at the link below.

Unfortunately, all the neat things we were going to get from Sears would not be ready for pick-up until December 15th which does not work given our departure one week earlier. So that order was quickly cancelled. Now we will be heading back to Brandon on the weekend...which is fine with me.

I realize that it is sort of tough to reference our daughter-to-be in these posts. I wonder what’s appropriate…using safe pronouns like “she” and “her” or addressing her as I have as the “new addition” or the “little one”. As far as I am concerned, they are all reasonable…because I am no longer talking about something abstract that might happen in the future. Now I am talking about something much more concrete…a special little person that Candace and I will be meeting in just over two weeks. As I said earlier…wow!

If you don't mind feeling really sad for about four-minutes...the car seat video is available at


Anonymous said...

Well you already know how excited we both are for you. We are even more excited knowing that we will soon be meeting your "little girl". Keep us posted on your adventure. We will be anxiously awaiting your return! All the best to you both.
Love Perry & Darlene

Coleen Smitke said...

Congratulations to all three of you. What a lucky little girl to call the two of you mum and dad. You have watited so long for this. I am glad you are both treasuring every event, every moment leading up to your meeting. I love your blog and will continue to check out your adventures. Lots of love, Coleen