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Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday...and trying to stay focused

Well...another day closer to December 12th. It has becoming more of a challenge to stay focused on anything other than what is happening next week. Fortunately, I am busy preparing for a meeting that is taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. While I don't have anything major left to complete, there is enough to do to keep my mind occupied.

Someone asked in an email how all of this was making me feel. I was not sure how to characterize how I am feeling because it is a complicated mixture of emotions. Certainly, the news is having an effect...such as problems thinking about anything else other than our trip, feelings of intense euphoria and excitement, and intermittent, but relatively small, bouts of anxiety regarding plans for the trip and plans for the future. That being said, I certainly cannot complain because the root of these effects is extremely positive.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog Stephen and Candace. I am so happy for you and it makes me feel a part of your special event being able to read about it.