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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eight more sleeps

I just got back from a two-day retreat for the Board and administrators of my school division. It was neat because there were several people that asked me about the trip and the upcoming adoption. Interestingly enough, it is not one of those things that loses its interest in the retelling. It feels so good to have plans finalized and to be able to share our news with others. Thinking about what's happening next week has become somewhat pervasive. I find that it is always just below the surface and that I am referencing what is happening in all kinds of contexts.

At supper, Candace and I were talking about how supportive everyone has been and all of the nice things that people have said in done for us in the last week. Even some of Candace's students have been among the well-wishers. As we were talking, we started imagining some of the wonderful things that lay in store for us. For example, I mentioned how Candace would now be getting gifts on Mother's Day from two of us.

I find myself thinking alot about the little one that is waiting so far away for Candace and I to come to her. I wonder what she looks like. I wonder what colour are her eyes. I wonder what makes her smile and I wonder what things her cry. I wonder if she knows that we're eight more sleeps.

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