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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Setting up her room

Today Candace and I headed to Brandon to do some shopping. We spent some time trying to decide what kind of bed to purchase. We already have a crib...but we need to get a bed because the little one might be anywhere from 14 months to 3 years old. We hit pretty well every store in town that carried bedroom furniture. We were tempted to buy something larger but we ended up getting a little toddler bed. We also picked up some other things for the room, for the little one, and for the trip.

When we returned home, I spent some time putting together the bed and a little rocking chair. Then we set up the room with all of the other stuff. When we were done I sat on a rocking chair in the corner and just looked around in awe. It wasn’t so much what we put into the room that struck me as much as what I imagined would soon be in the room. I could see a little girl playing with the toys, rocking in her chair, and then sitting at her table having tea before falling asleep in her bed. I sure hope she likes Winnie the Pooh…because we have a definite theme going on.

I thought I would then do a couple of other things so I started opening some further items. After realizing that the gate for the stairs requires mounting, I changed my mind and decided that it would be a good time to wrap it up for the evening. The car seat can sit in its unopened box until I get some time tomorrow. Once I finish writing this, I think I will go back in sit in that rocking chair for a while.

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