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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Baby cake

Today, one of my colleagues at work put a note on my desk that said, "Come and have some baby cake". I went to our staff room and everyone was there waiting with cake and a present for the little one. It was another Winnie the Pooh item...this time a Tigger doll. I told them that this would be the one toy that came with me to the Ukraine.

It was nice to visit with them. They had several questions about what would happen once I got over there. It was fun to go through everything because it helps sort out all of the stuff I have in my head. The past couple of weeks I have been gathering lots of information regarding the trip, the country, and the expected process once I arrived.

I also talked on the phone to a friend. He and his wife were supposed to head to Ethiopia in December to adopt but their plans got waylaid by some unexpected bureaucracy. They are now not travelling until February. I would like to wish them luck and patience as they wait to meet their new son.

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