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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Last day at work

Today was our final day at school / work before the trip. Given that I am going to be away for two weeks before Christmas break and a week or more in the new year, the last three weeks have been quite busy. I have been trying to wrap up all of the big projects and little things prior to my departure. The past three days have been filled from morning until night with meetings and other things that have kept me on my toes. In spite of all of this, I know that everything will be fine while I am away. Everything is where it needs to be and there are people who are looking after those things that will require attention in my absence. Sitting at home this evening, I am surprised to feel a sense of relief. I thought I might be really excited tonight…but instead I just feel calm. Everything is ready for the trip, but more importantly, I am ready for the trip.

After school, I had one last basketball practice with the girls. When I arrived at the school, the team had a cake to acknowledge my upcoming adventure. I am really excited about the trip and there is nothing I would change about how things have unfolded. My only regret, and it is a mild one given what else is happening, is that I will miss the first basketball tournament of the season this weekend. They are a great bunch and I hate to miss anything that's happening with them. However, I know the girls are already well prepared and they will be in good hands. Thanks to Perry and Jim for stepping is greatly appreciated.

When I got home for supper, Candace related a neat thing that happened to her at the end of the day. Around 3:15 pm, a colleague asked her to come to the hallway,. When she followed, she discovered all of the students and staff from Grades 8 – 12 waiting to congratulate her and wish her well. She said that when they presented her with a big card she had a hard time keeping it together.

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