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Thursday, December 7, 2006

That's it! Back to Winnipeg!

Today, Candace and I came to Winnipeg. We came by way of Brandon because we had to do a couple of things there. When we arrived in the city, we went directly to the agency. Another couple was already there, so we waited in the lobby and visited with a nice lady by the name of Tonia. She is originally from the Ukraine and she is working on her Masters in Social Work. She will help us with the numerous transitions that we will likely encounter when we return. As we waited, a third couple came in and we visited with them for a bit. They are slightly behind us in the process and hope to travel early in the new year. It was cool to see three couples at different stages of the process but all working toward the same end result. Shortly thereafter, Candace and I had some time to visit with Tonia and the director of the agency (Darla). It was exciting to talk about the things that we would be encountering in just a couple of days. In addition to all of their insight into travel, they gave us a cell phone that we could use during our trip with instructions regarding how to use it.

Later, Candace and I went to her sisters where we spent the evening. It was a nice visit and it was fun to talk about all of the things that we are experiencing. Candace's sister (Camille) and I spent some time researching the Ukraine. Here's something interesting...the Ukraine is about 93% the size of Manitoba yet it has around 47 million people compared to our 1.2 million. Everyone went to bed fairly early, some due to work in the morning, and some due to an impending trip across the Atlantic. Thanks to Anthony and Camille for your hospitality. Remember, the next time we visit there will be three of us.

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