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Monday, January 8, 2007

Final visits and goodbyes

I hope everyone is having a good first day back to school after the Christmas holidays. I can tell you that I wish I was doing the same thing. We are really getting excited about getting home on Saturday. No matter what time I go to bed lately, I am waking before 6:00 am and thinking about being home in Manitoba with Alexandra. I also am waking up thinking about how much I miss my work and about getting back to our basketball team. While I will miss the home tournament, I am excited about the league starting Monday.
Taking to the Spanish couple, I discovered something else that Candace and I missed out on at our hotel. At the beginning of our time here, we spent one night in a small room with two single beds. The next morning I asked for a double doom and they told me it was three times the price. So we elected on keeping our smaller room. So in conversation with the Spanish couple, we found out that the double room we were offered was actually the deluxe suite. There is a wider range of rooms that are available that I guess was lost in translation when I first talked to the receptionist. For an extra $5. American a night they have a suite with a full bath, a living room, and an adjacent bedroom. Had I found this out last week I would have upgraded immediately. Given tonight is our final one here, we just laughed it off and are staying put. Live and learn I guess.
During our morning visit, Alexandra was already downstairs with a cargiver when we arrived at the orphanage. We threw her off a bit given that we were still wearing our jackets. She probabaly thought we were going outside again, which she doesn't seem to like. Tomorrow should be interesting. Once she settled in, she was full of the chatter (still in Russian) and was really animated. She even fed a bottle to the Spanish couple's little boy for about five minutes. It was so cute and everyone was taking pictures. While she likes feeding babies, I learned shortly thereafter that she does not care for wet willies.
Our final visit to the orphanage took place tonight from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. I can't believe how nice it was to type that sentence. It was both a happy and sad time as we said good bye to the other couples and their children with whom we have shared the experience over the last few weeks. We are all happy that we finally get to go home, but you do get close to people quickly in this type of circumstance. To our friends from Minnesota and El Corona, of luck as you begin your new lives together back home as a family. I will send you a copy of the Christmas Concert video in a couple of weeks.
This might be the last post for the next couple of days. We leave this city tomorrow and I am not sure where we we'll be tomorrow evening. Tomorrow at 8:00 am we pick up the official adoption decree. After taking care of some additional paperwork, we head to the orphanage for the final pick up our daughter for good!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going well for you. We are back at school and can't wait for you to come and visit. Have a safe trip and see you soon. Lisa and T.J.

sandy Masniuk said...

Looking forward to seeing you at home soon! I'm sure Alexandra will learn to love being outside when it means going home with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen and Candace, so glad that you guys are heading home a family!! Congratulations! Stephen, while Candace gets to stay home and hang out with Alexandra, you get to spend the days with us...oh yeah..and with ALLLLLLLLL those dust bunnies that have somehow found their way to your desk! Unreal what a month without Pledge does for a desk! Cya soon, have a safe trip! Jamie

Anonymous said...

Amen, the time has arrived that you come on home and enjoy your family. Stephen I think Candace will have to record Alexandra all the time you are at work so you won't miss out. After building a snowman she will love it outdoors.
Godspeed, and we will see you in Manitoba.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen and Candace

Just caught up on your blog, was gone since the morning of the 4th. My husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my birthday (he forgot last year, so he made up for it big time) he even took me to Celion Dion show!! We arrived back at the airport at 4:45am and decided to drive home, what a long day.
Well I am sure the nerves are up right now and when you read this I am sure you will offically be one happy family!Have a safe trip home. By the way the stories on your blog have been great. And Candace enjoy your afternoon naps!
Andrea Fortune

Anonymous said...

I just feel so fortunate to have been able to share this experience with you through your blogs. We are so very happy and proud for you three. Can't wait to see you all on Sunday. DMCAK

Anonymous said...

Hi! I had A LOT of catching up to do since the last opportunity I had to read your blog. What a pleasant surprise to find a picture of your daughter. She is beautiful. I hope that she and Katherine will become friends; Katie hates that nursery school is all boys! Your experiences seem so surreal. Looking forward to having you home.

Beccy said...

Yippee! I am so glad to hear that soon the three of you will be Manitoba bound. I've been a little out of touch due to the winter break, but I enjoyed catching up on your adventure. Who doesn't like a story with a happy ending! See you soon! Oh and Stephen - I don't think any girl enjoys a wet willie!
Have a safe trip home!