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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our last full day in the Ukraine!

I am making this post a little bit earlier because the internet cafe is quite a way from our apartment. I actually came to update the last two days that I missed as we travelled across the country.
Well...I can tell you this morning was like waking up on Christmas morning. At 5:20 am my eyes opened and I sat right up to look at the small bed next to ours. I saw this precious little girl lying there peacefully with her arm hanging over the side. Once I determined she was inhaling and exhaling, I spent the next few minutes sitting there watching her sleep. Candace must have sensed something because she sort of woke up and said "what's wrong?". I said "Look" and pointed at Alexandra. Candace looked, smiled, then went instantly fell back to sleep.
The girls got out of bed around 8:15 am. Candace and I took turns hanging out with Alexandra while the other one got ready. It was a great way to start the day, and an even better way to end this trip. I was smiling as I sat with Alexandra on my lap at the kitchen table...watching her as she ate an orange and a banana. I though how lucky I was that she was with us...and how lucky we were that we brought lots of wet wipes.
Around 10:00 am, I was picked up to go to the Canadian Embassy. We dropped off the documents to finalize Alexandra's immigration to Canada. I will go back at 4:00 pm to pick up her visa. Then Candace and Alexandra joined us and we did a bit of running around before stopping at a big outdoor market to purchase some souveniers.
Well, it's getting close to 3:00 pm and I have to get to the grocery store and back to the apartment before heading back to the Embassy. This evening we are getting together with the facilitators and another Manitoban couple for a farewell meal at TGIFridays. I am so excited I think I will need a sleeping pill or something to help me rest tonight. That being said, I could not care less if I sleep because I am heading home tomorrow. And if I am restless I will just lay on my bed and watch Alexandra as she dreams of her new life in Canada with mommy and daddy. It's I typed that last sentence I remembered something that happened this morning. I said something to Candace but called her "mommy". I told her I probably wouldn't be using her first name for the next few years. I imagined us being out for dinner alone or something and me saying something like "Does mommy want some wine or dessert". We'll see what happens I guess.
The next post I make will be from Frankfurt, Germany where we will spend tomorrow night. We can't wait to see everyone! Best of luck to the Strathclair Skyhawks Varsity Girls' basketball team at their home tournament this weekend. See you at our first league game on Monday.


Paula Kolida said...

I can't imagine the excitment you must be feeling. After such an amazing journey you'll finally be home, where all your family and friends can't wait to give you a big WELCOME HOME hug. I wish you all safe travels and god bless your new little family. Welcome Home Alex!!!!

Luv, Paula

Anonymous said...

Well I am sure glad I haven't done my make-up yet, I would have wiped it all off by now. We are soooo happy for you,Candace & Alex. When you said that you watched her sleep you will do that alot believe me. I used to watch our girls when they were young too!!
We can hardly wait to meet her on Monday. Safe travels and God bless the Stephens!

sandy Masniuk said...

What a great way to end your trip! Everything has worked itself out and you are now a family - no one can take that away from you! Congratulations again and travel safely home! Be warned that we are in the middle of a cold snap! See you soon! Love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you, finally things are going to plan.
Can hardly wait to see you two with a kid of your own to love and care for. Only happy times ahead for you.
Take care and we will see you soon.
Love mom &dad.
Alex,you are very lucky to have parents like mommy and daddy. We can hardly wait to give you hugs and kisses. Welcome to our family. Love papa& nana.

Kim & Brad said...

I know how disappointing these delays can be.....but everything will work out great.

It's funny that you were told that day 10 could not fall on a holiday....they seem to make up rules as they go. When we were on Lugansk our American friends were told that day 10 could not fall on a weekend....our facilitator said she had never heard that before and she has been doing adoptions for 6 years. At the same time our Manitoba friends in Donetsk region took they kids out on day 10....a Saturday.

Like I have said 1,000,000 times......Ukraine......

Kayla Peech said...

You guys are now a complete family. Once you return to Canada you will make many memories that you will treasure forever. I wish you guys a safe trip home and like Ms. Masniuk said, "We are in the middle of a cold snap" Dress Warm!!! See you guys soon.
Love Kayla

Anonymous said...

P.O. BOX 398



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Davids. Have a safe trip. See you in Manitoba. Benita and Joe.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet Alexendra. I hope you have a safe and speedy trip home.

Beccy said...

Brrrr, Alexandra might not like the temperature that greats her here in Manitoba. But I know there are a lot of excited people in Strathclair that are anticipating her arrival. They are excited to see you too, Stephen and Candace. Joni and I make our debut as basketball coaches, so we are around this weekend, and I hope we get to see you and the new addition to your family!
Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations David family. Hope you have safe travels for the rest of your journey.


Shelby Munro said...

Hey!Your little girl is so cute!!I can't wait to see her!See you when you get home!

Jessica Arnfinson said...

Hey! how are you? i hope you are good. today is a snow day and we are all in the comouter lab writing to you!!!! We cant wait to have you guys back in town and we can not wait untell your new daughter is in are small but cool town! school has been good but today it is -50!! that is right -50! it is so cold we have not been able to go out for recess for 2 days strate! well i can not wait to meet alexandra actuly i tink are whole class cant wait to see her i got to go have a good trip home. from jessica

Amy kowlachuk said...

hey today at school it is a snowday i am so exsited to see your kid i hope i can baby sit sometime. i hope you had a awesome christmas. i had awesome one. i cant belive you guys are parnts. eveyone is talking about alexandra and how tall she is i bet she will be a great athlet someday in her live.know is my anty come to mage lake they will have one one to play with welli got to go so i will she you later
from Amy

Linda D said...

Homeward bound!! I'm sure you must be excited, but you have your little girl with you now so it's just like being on a family vacation from here on eh. I bet Alexandra is getting excited to be in her new home and see where she will be living. I hope you all have a safe and happy trip home. LindaD.

Kathy McKerchar said...

Hi Mom, Dad and Alexandra!

Today is a wind-chill day at school - -37.6 was the temp at 6:00 a.m. Alex, you won't have to put up with teh cold for long as it is to be much warmer by the first of next week. It won't be long till you love winter like all Manitoba kids. I am in the computer room with 10 grade 4 to 6 students and some of us are checking out your site. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventure - I also have laughed and cried. As Alex and Keegan are close to the same age, I recognize many of her actions as well as yours. Have a safe trip home - we are all so excited to see you all.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. David, I can never say that I thought you would make me shed this many tears of happiness! Like everyone else from around home I have been following your blog, which has been very exciting!
Its great that you are going to be home soon and that everything has turned out for the best.
Good luck with life as a family, we can already tell that you & Candace are enjoying it immensly!
Love Suzanne B