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Friday, January 12, 2007

Goodbye Ukraine, Hello Germany

Let me start by saying this is a difficult post to make...because a German keyboard is different than the one that I am use to. I couldn't find the @ for my email login so I had to cut and paste it from another website.
Well, I woke up at just past seven and started staring at my sleeping daughter. She must have felt the eyes on her because she woke up shortly thereafter and started staring back at me. So I went over and joined her and we made faces at each other for a little while before getting out of bed. After breakfast, I went for a walk to find a post office to buy some stamps and postcards.
Our driver arrived just before eleven and took us to the airport. When we were checking our bags we encountered another little snag. First, we were told that our luggage had to be checked right through to our final destination. Then the attendant asked if I knew we would not be able to leave the airport. Since Alexandra has a Ukrainian passport, she requires a visa to enter Germany. So it looked like we would have to overnight in the terminal. When we arrived in Frankfurt I went up to the passport control and explained our situation. We were brought to the main office and spoke with the director. He was very compassionate and decided he could draw up a tempoary visa for us. Yee haw! Even though Karolin Klein is still the nicest German that I have ever met...this guy is now my second favourite.
Alexandra has been amazing all day. Before we even took off from Kiev, she fell asleep with her feet on Candace's lap and her head on mine. Somehow she managed to do this even with her seatbelt on...I guess her 20 inch waist made this possible. She slept for well over an hour. When she awoke we placed the airline meal in front of her and watched as she devoured it. It was as if she had not eaten in a month. We will add pasta with alfredo sauce to the list of foods that she loves...which already includes plain bread, bananas, and oranges. Interestingly, the foods she does not care for include chocolate and ice cream.
Back to was really mild when we arrived. We had to go outside to get our shuttle to the hotel. The airport here is huge and every cab parked in front, and there seems to be well over a hundred, seems to be a cream coloured Mercedez. Our hotel is only 4 kms from the terminal. It is called the Frankfurt Ibis and it is really nice...other than the wacky keyboard that has some of the letters mixed up. For example, the y and the y are reveresed so I have been spell checking alot.
Well, time for supper. Even though I am incredibly excited, I wish I could go to sleep right now until the morning. Tomorrow, it's goodbye Frankfurt and hello Canada. The post that I make tomorrow evening will be from Candace's sister's house in Winnipeg. I know it is dreadfully cold back home and I am sure it is uncomfortable for everyone...but I could care less. Minus 40 Manitoba will be a welcome relief from plus 10 Europe. See you all tomorrow!


sandy masniuk said...

Wishing you all a great sleep on the last day of your adventure before returning home! The cold won't make a bit of difference once you arrive home -- there's too much excitement going on!
Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are all so happy for you. You are going to be wonderful parents as it seems you already are.

We have enjoyed reading your blog every day. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Enjoy your arrival home with Alexandra as well as your new future as a family.

Best wishes,

Kevin, Crystal, Kory and Shaylin Stebeleski

Anonymous said...

I am just vibtating here as i read the last three postings. I can hardly wait to meet your daughter. You are getting so close to being home in Manitoba and our -40 temperatures. Bundle up and hope to see you Sunday or Monday. DMCAK

Raymond said...

Hey ya'll !! Welcome back to GODS' country, eh. We're getting an ice storm here in London, but I hear you guys are shivering in your boots ... "way out there !!" If we had of known you were in T.O. Sasha, Michelle and I would have driven down ... even if for only a quick visit. Are you Manitobian Davids' going to the BIG wedding in August ?? Is this the end of the blog ?? Is there really a Santa ?? Did ya thank Ma for putting your address on the Internet ? HeeHee, Love ya Bro Ray.